Just another lunch time – Goats, Eggs, and stupid electric fencing

another busy day on the mini-farm: Pretty much just fencing and collections Fencing Round 1: I had to start off with the chickens, their area was covered with leaves and the hawk/anti-fly away netting was at the ground. It took a good 15-20minutes to clean it up enough to get things back to normal. Rain+leaves=crappy for the […]

Our chicks have moved

Our first attempt at hatching chickens has so far been a success. We started with 9 eggs, 7 hatched. Of those we have 5 very similar boring white+black spotted, one brown we call “hooters/owly”, and one black we call “black hawk down” We after keeping them inside WAY to long (in the basement craft room) […]

Self Realization – We are mini-farmers

Over the last few days it has finally sunk in that we are actual mini-farmers now. We wake-up and have to deal with goats (milking) my lunch times have been spent refilling water and food dishes, mending fences, and of course milking the goat. Then finally before bed we have to milk and shut in the goats […]

Heating out house

Do you have old buckets stuck together already?  If yes then you’re one step closer to getting your buckets unstuck and making a junk mail press. Here is my step by step  guide.  1st: Start drilling small holes on the bottom bucket. If you think you can drill holes around the base without putting holes […]