Freakin piggies

Sure enough after talking about something the universe decides to kick it up in high-gear. During lunch while working on getting the garden ready for the raised beds I noticed some foraged earth in the chicken area (much more then they could do). After closer inspection I could see that the pigs had gotten under the fence between them […]

What the pork?!

Its been a while since we talked about the little porkers, which have been renamed Jerry (because he not nice like our neighbor Jerry) and Ben (because it matches and he really is sweet, always runs over to get pet)  . I am still in the process of finishing up their pen setup,  partly because it isn’t in its final spot yet […]

Our lil Porkers


We are pleased to introduce you to “Bacon’ator” and “Porky’Pickins” Ben and Jerry (left to right)… We did have a 3rd little piggy; but we made an amateur pig raising mistake and did not provide secure fencing in one section and lost one to our naturally inclined hunt/kill dog Harley. So we are down to two… How we acquired the […]

The pigs 

Let me tell you about a story of 3 little pigs. Correction we are down to 2 little pigs. Harley read the original Three Little Pug story    We don’t really know their birthday but they were 35lb when we got them so I’m guessing DOB 11/01/2015 ish Landrace/Hampshire crosses. One is going to butchers […]