More Butchery

Another round of butchery occurred at lunch today. Our young rooster was becoming a menis to the younger egg layers, “John Snow” our other rooster and the preteens, so the decision was made to end its reign of terror.  I did things a little differently this time around: First was to cage him (only time our […]

The Fowl Tower: High-rise failure

Way back when (last fall) I surprised Jamie with the Guinea fowl. Their sole purpose was to protecting the flock from snakes, as they were becoming a growing problem (stealing eggs). Shortly after they arrived, it became apparent that they may need their own space. So came the idea of the Fowl Tower. The idea […]

Chicken Coup Revamp 3.0 update (to version 3.2)

Our 2016 Chicks

We finally got our chicken coup updated to version 3.2. Which means no more chick stench in our house!!!! I am so excited for this to have taken place. If you only have 6-12 chicks, life isn’t terrible. But if you have the 36-40 we have, your whole house stinks and you wish you had […]

Solar Power – piecemeal setup

chicken power

We have a solar panel on our chicken coup. The plan was to power the veggie garden watering pump and chicken coup accessories with it. Our original purchase was a 100watt solar panel, 10 amp charge controller and a small solar 12volt battery off of ebay (Jamie bought these, so I don’t have the model info […]

Chicken Coup – Revamp #3: V1.0

getting ready to lay

We have revamped our coup, for a 3rd time. This is version 1.0 of this re-design. We are planning on adding our chicks/pre-teens to this coup and when that happens we will be at 2.0 at which time we will need to add a door behind our brood housing unit.  But until that happens, let me […]

Just another lunch time – Goats, Eggs, and stupid electric fencing

another busy day on the mini-farm: Pretty much just fencing and collections Fencing Round 1: I had to start off with the chickens, their area was covered with leaves and the hawk/anti-fly away netting was at the ground. It took a good 15-20minutes to clean it up enough to get things back to normal. Rain+leaves=crappy for the […]

Our chicks have moved

Our first attempt at hatching chickens has so far been a success. We started with 9 eggs, 7 hatched. Of those we have 5 very similar boring white+black spotted, one brown we call “hooters/owly”, and one black we call “black hawk down” We after keeping them inside WAY to long (in the basement craft room) […]

Our chickens

I love my chickens! My favorite being peaches our buff Orpington she’s super put going. I did have 2. Road island reds but something got under two fences to steal corn I gave the girls and she picked a fight and lost. Red tend to be more aggressive and age was actually more aggressive then […]