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Bandsaw Sawmill

Logging/Milling: Band Saw

This takes 9minutes off a cut when compared to the Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. So we have processed 10 logs, all smaller. So we haven’t netted much usable timber fyet. But with the help of our neighbor we will bring up the last 10 logs we have down already (they are all to large for me to move alone) so I am expecting to get some good timber from the remaining seasoned logs.

Bandsaw Sawmill
Band saw Saw mill from Harbor Freight

The only issue so far has been that need to figure out is how to keep the band from flexing too much. The blade flex causes a slight wave in the boards.

Since the smaller logs have been used for learning I cant complain too much. These imperfect boards will be used for outside/livestock projects.

Alaskan Sawmill from Northern Tool : Granberg Chainsaw Mill, Model# G777 for $160 before taxes


This is great, works, but IS SLOW. so if you aren’t ready to spend your time, your better off saving the $2000 for a Portable Sawmill from Harbor Freight or eBay

4) Guide Rail for Chainsaw mill (Northern Tool) : we got ours on eBay for under $200 (if you have a light, flat ladder, you can use that)


We use this for first cuts on logs, helps keep all boards semi flat. It works out well but does take some time to cut timber/wood.

Logging/Milling: Chain Saws

  1. I ordered a TimberPro 20″ 62cc from eBay: $180ish with shipping (manufacture site)
our main chain saw
our main chain saw

I have been using it for about 3 months now. The only issue I seem to have with it is keeping it tuned (and it drinks gas pretty freely). I constantly have to adjust the idle and hi/lo to keep it running smoothly. Otherwise, its been great. It includes the two chains, tool kit and a bag. Really cant complain about it.

2) Ryobi 18′ 46cc RY10519B from HomeDepot: $120-30 (on sale)

our secondary saw

This saw has been alright. I think I need to adjust the carb, as I have always had issues getting threw any hardwoods (really anything other then pine or poplar). So we have it really just for a secondary saw, and for straight cuts when running the mill. it does come with a chain, hard case, and a basic chainsaw wrench.