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  • Meet Chris an Cathy! They were dropped off at my old work the day after I got my new Bunny hutch! They were left with a note saying they had coccidia. My friend did a fecal and found some coccidia but not a lot […]

    • Soooo I was going to trade Chris in for a bunny that def wasn’t related this weekend. Turns out the lady knew the person that dropped these guys off. She asked me to check to see if he was neutered, sure enough he was! He was young when I got him so we assumed they were just tiny testies still lol nope. She still said she would trade him for a male that is not neutered.

  • New digital microscope, slides, clover slips, and fecal tubes came in yesterday. I had the whole thing set up and read my first fecal in under 20 minutes. I found a fecal recipe pretty easy online. Salt, sugar, […]

  • Finally adding my second deep today. It’s been a slow season with all this rain

  • With a solid night of rain, Penelope figured it was time to join Lola in motherhood. I walked down to the stalls this morning and thought, weird wonder why Lola is out with only one of her Kids, then I realized, […]

  • Lola had twins last night!

  • Arrived Tuesday and the post man called me at 7am and asked if I could come ASAP and pick them up at the back door

    The Hive and Stand:

    my lovely wife Jamie beekeeping away:

  • So far I am loving the new camera. I went with a more name-brand one, spent more then the cheap stationary cameras, but I can definitely tell the difference between this and the el-cheapo.

    For starters, it […]

  • We are playing around with new logo ideas for the site. Trying to get something finalized in time to print somethings out for our Bedford Farmers market debut May 7th.  Not really post worthy, but incase you do […]

  • Another round of butchery occurred at lunch today. Our young rooster was becoming a menis to the younger egg layers, “John Snow” our other rooster and the preteens, so the decision was made to end its reign of […]

  • No overnight freezing this week so we finally moved the plants outside into the rased beds


  • Way back when (last fall) I surprised Jamie with the Guinea fowl. Their sole purpose was to protecting the flock from snakes, as they were becoming a growing problem (stealing eggs). Shortly after they arrived, it […]

  • After this week last frost should be behind us, so we are getting the garden ready to transplant the seedlings from the crafts room to the outside world.

    Last year we tried straw-bail planting. It was […]

  • Sure enough after talking about something the universe decides to kick it up in high-gear. During lunch while working on getting the garden ready for the raised beds I noticed some foraged earth in the chicken ar […]

  • Its been a while since we talked about the little porkers, which have been renamed Jerry (because he not nice like our neighbor Jerry) and Ben (because it matches and he really is sweet, always runs over to ge […]

  • So with the help of our neighbor Ed and his son Brian we where able to bring up one of the last pine logs (only one left).

    First step is to lob off the sides and turn a round peg square.

    This left me […]

  • Logging/Milling: Band Saw

    This takes 9minutes off a cut when compared to the Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. So we have processed 10 logs, all smaller. So we haven’t netted much usable timber fyet. But with the help of […]

  • Alaskan Sawmill from Northern Tool : Granberg Chainsaw Mill, Model# G777 for $160 before taxes

    This is great, works, but IS SLOW. so if you aren’t ready to spend your time, your better off saving the $2000 […]

  • Logging/Milling: Chain Saws

    I ordered a TimberPro 20″ 62cc from eBay: $180ish with shipping (manufacture site)

    I have been using it for about 3 months now. The only issue I seem to have with it is […]

  • So we run a mix of tech here at HippyNerds.

    Here is a general idea with some specs, links and info

    Web/External Tech:

    Hosting is being provided by my boss on our Hyper-V server
    Our server is a […]

  • Solider Boy/Stoner (Nigerian dwarf):DOB Aug 2015  We bought Stoner (as the neighbors call him due to his face, HAHA) to make sure Penelope and Lola wouldn’t have babies that would require assisted birth. This is b […]

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