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We are creating a more open floor plan on our first floor.. So first things first was the move my office to the half finished basement. This actually how it should have been from the start. But it was our idea that Kane (our 1yr old now) would be home, and at daycare… So since he is not home during the day, I don’t needed to be closer to his room or kitchen. Meaning we can get to have a dinning room now.

First things first: open up kitchen closet and relocate air return (might not be right way to do it, this was the quick easy way/location, still have other options)



We have extra of the horrible stick on tile the previous homeowner installed, so we will use that for now.

Just had to install 3/4 plywood and then a 1/4 flooring underlayment, then finally the “tile”

Next was the frame the hole w scrap 2x4s so I had a place the screw the new drywall to on both sides, and then two coats of sparkle. That’s it for now. Once we redo the kitchen we will do final spackel, molding and then paint


We will add some shelves later this week so we can put the cleaning chemicals out of the young ones reach.

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