Our chickens

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I love my chickens! My favorite being peaches our buff Orpington she’s super put going. I did have 2. Road island reds but something got under two fences to steal corn I gave the girls and she picked a fight and lost. Red tend to be more aggressive and age was actually more aggressive then my rooster. His name is is Snow and I have no clue what he is…. but he’s a wuss compared to other roosters I’ve met.  Which is good because our so. Is one and likes to hang out in the chicken area with me. We got the guinea fowl about 7 or 8months and they were only about 4 months old when Kyle surprised me with them. This was very good timing because our chickens not only stick up for themselves they kinda bully the Guineas a little. Guineas can be aggressive towards chickens. Our guineas seem to be exacape artist and have gotten out twice now. They are much harder to trap them.

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