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Do you have old buckets stuck together already?  If yes then you’re one step closer to getting your buckets unstuck and making a junk mail press. Here is my step by step  guide.

 1st: Start drilling small holes on the bottom bucket. If you think you can drill holes around the base without putting holes in your top bucket feel free. The more holes the easier to get ten apart! ( they are stuck because of the lack of air between them)

Now pull!!! Maybe grab a friend or sit down and user your feet and even pressure. Congrats you finally have two buckets again! Have a beer and enjoy this moment and don’t tell anyone how long you kept those stuck buckets. Just enjoy the victory.

2) Now full your bucket with your torn paper( yes you need to tear the paper, I’ll post pics to prove this at the end)

3)Put your newly freed bucket in the outside of your holy bucket

 4) Now add water, I fill a bucket about half way but it’s not a science just enough to cover the paper.
5) Walk away, you have at least 12 hours. I’m lazy so I leave it way longer. As in whenever I happen to remember it.

I sometimes put my filling bucket on top of above bucket if it’s going to rain.

6) I’ll have to come back and put a pic of our cool homemade tool. But you don’t NEED it. It just makes them better. But it’s kinda messy. Like a blender(with the lid off).

7) Now it’s time to drain. If your going to leave them in your free bucket then put your bucket that was holding all your water in, inside the top of your holy bucket. Now fill it with something heavy and leave it for however long you want. Unless the heavy object was a child, they will need to come in at dark. I use concrete blocks.

I’ll put a pic up later

8) Dump out and sun dry. I put mine on black plastic. Feel free to use any method.

 You now have a big round paper brick. You can cut it in half and use it in your fire startup or if your door is small.

But if you like things neat and pretty you can buy this!

And make these

Here is what happens when ou cut corners.

Not ripping the paper

Not waiting long enough with the water. This is your chance to be lazy, take it!

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