Alpine Dairy – bitchyness a blessing in disguise

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We have had to separate our Alpine dairy doe from the rest of the herd at night in a locked pen, similar to how some people do with horse’s, their own pen. This keeps her from being a bitch to our smaller Nigerian-lamacha mix at night and keeps young Albert away. the end result is a happier group and more milk in the mornings and throughout the day for us. Since we started this we have gone from 8-12oz a day to 20-24oz. We are still hoping that we can get her up to to at least a full quart, but right now we are excited to get the increased amount. We are finally exceeding our sons needs (who is lactose intolerant, has terrible reactions to normal dairy) and have stopped buying milk for our own uses. Though we don’t really use too much in our daily lives, mainly just for coffee.



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