Just another lunch time – Goats, Eggs, and stupid electric fencing

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another busy day on the mini-farm: Pretty much just fencing and collections

Fencing Round 1: I had to start off with the chickens, their area was covered with leaves and the hawk/anti-fly away netting was at the ground. It took a good 15-20minutes to clean it up enough to get things back to normal. Rain+leaves=crappy for the thin bird meeting we got. We are going to re-enforce it with wire or replace it with deer netting before next fall.

Fencing Round 2: Living in a hilly uneven terrain area means your going to spend a lot of time and money on fencing. I placed another 10 fence posts and added back the area around the shop for the goats to roam and such. I will still need another 10 posts to complete things. But once these are bought, we can use them when we rotate the goats. We left the screw-in wire connection points with the last fence section. I have another strand of wire that I will re-wire that section with so when we are ready we can just connect it back to the power and let them roam it (aka not have to deal with the headache again).

Milk:  Nadine keeps producing more milk. Just now I got 1/2cup, so big improvement compared to this time last week when I was only getting 1/4 cup.

Finally the Chicken: they have been eating their eggs, which could mean they need more calcium (but we do provide egg laying food), so the other main reason for egg eating is that they “like the taste” but google is going to get used heavily tonight to figure out what we can do. I only had 1 egg today, yesterdays 1 egg was already pecked.


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