Self Realization – We are mini-farmers

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Over the last few days it has finally sunk in that we are actual mini-farmers now. We wake-up and have to deal with goats (milking) my lunch times have been spent refilling water and food dishes, mending fences, and of course milking the goat. Then finally before bed we have to milk and shut in the goats for the night.

Only “issue” now is we are still working out the kinks, so its not just routine, its build, rebuild and then modify. We are getting there. But still have things to wrap up. Like how to more easily move our electric fence around. We have great neighbors (Anne and Ed, thanks guys!)  to our one side which enjoy the goats and have let us fence in a chunk of their forest so the goats have stuff to eat over the winter. But moving the fence from our forest to theirs was a total PITA, so we have to figure out a way to avoid the nylon rope electric fence tangle mess from rehappening.

we will be butchering a few of the guineas on Friday/weekend. They eat a lot are noisy and frankly we don’t need 5. We will be keeping 2 hens and “the man” incase we decide to hatch some more for meat or to sell.

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