Streaming TV: PVR and Live TV to device

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Finally found a working, low-cost (because it is an older device) that sports a dual tv tuner, network access and inturn support for LIVE TV in Kodi (our main media center application). so for about $26 I picked up a dual TV turner card “HDHomeRun-US” off of ebay. This unit sports a dual ATSC turner (dual tuner allows for you to watch a channel while recording a channel). From that I was able to test several TV/PVR servers out before settling on a beta solution – NextPVR which is a light weight PVR  server.

KODI has a limited number of supported PVR plugins, so from its list I then narrowed it down to only windows supported packages. Had I done more research, I wouldn’t have gotten the HDHomeRun-US but the HDHomeRun-Prime because Kodi has a native plugin that supports that device. Live and learn. In the end, I still get live TV through KODI, and PVR. Now I am left tweaking NextPVR to see if it will work out for us long term.

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