The pigs 

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Let me tell you about a story of 3 little pigs. Correction we are down to 2 little pigs. Harley read the original Three Little Pug story


We don’t really know their birthday but they were 35lb when we got them so I’m guessing DOB 11/01/2015 ish Landrace/Hampshire crosses. One is going to butchers for chops bacon sausage ect. The other is going to butcher for a pig roast on our sons 2nd birthday weekend. I don’t really think we need a whole pig for that so maybe we’ll tweak the plans before then.

Harley is now in a 8ft tall 132 324 square foot cage inside an electric fence inside a chain link fence. And the pigs now know that Harley’s barking and wagging tail is not because he was wanting to play with them. Pigs are very smart and love to play. They play with a soccer ball with me and our son. I want to raise happy pigs. I don’t know if happy pigs taste better but I like all of my animals to be happy. It’s the hippie in me 🙂

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