Next Run of Chicks

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Between Moneta Farm & Home Center (Moneta VA) and Tractor Supply (Bedford, VA) we have gotten about 45 chicks…  20 for meat birds and the other 25 for laying, 6 of which are Easter eggers. I’m looking forward to blue and green eggs this fall!



For now we have them separated in three bins with a water dish, heat lamp and food tray in each.

Next time we do this, we will do it after spring when we don’t need to have them inside (in our basement craftroom) Or we will do it once the adult chicken coup has enough solar panels and batteries to keep up with the demands of the heat lamps. Then we will simply setup a chick/teenagers pen and keep all the chickens together but separated.

However over the next few days I will be building the coup for the meat birds, which will house this entire round of chic. It will be next to the house so we can keep power to the heat lamps and have easy access. Then once they are big enough and don’t need the heat lamps we will put all the eggers into our large coup and this coup will get moved to the side of the yard w a new fence so they can roam around and act as a bug barrier.

That’s it for now I guess. Cheers.

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