New tool… Finally arrived

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We have been waiting on our new sawmill (Harbor-freight) for just over 3 weeks. It’s been a painful wait.


Fully assembled. It did take a helpful hand from our great neighbor Ed to lift the actual saw/motor onto the sliders and track. Overall this was an easy setup, but I still need to adjust the track so it’s square.


Tomorrow at lunch I will complete the setup, which is making sure the blade is aligned and won’t jump off its track. Leveling the saw and confirming it will cut straight boards and such. Then it’s just a matter of putting in some gas, oil and putting on a log and start making some lumber.


Well that’s it for now. Going to finish up the new brood box and then we will get to finish up the chicken coup make over, which we of course haven’t been bothered to take any pictures of. But eh, so goes it. But I’ll write more on that later.


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