Murder and Butchery

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So we have been talking of slaughtering the roosters and guinea fowl for some time now. Mainly because they are loud and don’t really do much. Since we have so many chicks, we will keep one of the Easter eggers (or Americana) roosters for a breeding pair and then start solely hatching them when we are ready for more chicks. We also plan on selling hatchery eggs. But I digress, to the point.  We where still undecided on which rooster we should butcher first, but then one got out and flew into Harley yard. So that decision was made for us. The guinea fowl had a similar fate, except one would get out, we would net it, and then shortly after the other would get out. With them out and operated all they would do was squawk and squawk all day long.

So after catching the female that was out, I promptly caged her. Then went and wrangled up the male and tossed him into the cage well. That night I butchered the rooster (2 nights ago).


Lastnight I set a kill cone stand, so I could butcher both guineas at the same time without another set of helping (Jamie was with Kane at her mother’s).


The process for butchering and cleaning Guineas are the same as with a chicken. If we ever get good at the process we will create our own how-to, however there are a ton of them already out there on the net. But the process is:
!!! Use VERY VERY sharp knifes, otherwise it will be a struggle !!!!
1 – catch them
2 – place them in kill cone
3 – slit their neck veins
4 – let them bleed out
5 – place in boiling pot of water (water temp between 145-150f) for 3 seconds shaking them while submerged.
6 – pull out, then put back in water; repeating step 5
7 – pull out of water and pluke a feather. If met w little or no resistance your done and ready to step 8, otherwise related the dunk and shake until feathers easily come out
8 – pluke all feathers, this will be messy and will take some time. There is a device that does this called a chicken plucker, but I’ve never used one.
9 – time to get your hands dirty
10 – knock off the feet at the joint using a heavy knife or sheers
11 – cut the head off using same knife/sheers. Take a small filet/pruning knife and cut around the neck and detach connecting issue from throat and other tubes in neck. 
12 – cut around butt glands at the upper lower back around tail feathers, flip over  and keep on cutting down to the poop-shoot on both sides
13 – I find it easier to cut leg skin and all the way to the center breast, otherwise I can’t fit my hands in enough to break the connective tissue around the organs, so feel free to open up as much as you need too
14 – reach inside, work around the sides to break the guts from the sides. Once your happy that your all set, grip and pull out the innards.

15 – that’s the jist of it, if your doing guineas I was recommend skinning at this point, they are very fatty/greasy, tons of fat pockets all just under the skin. So I skinned both and removed 90% of the visible fat.

16 – package and store, roast or soak in a salt bath overnight.

17 – eat and enjoy

Again, sorry we didn’t take any pics of this process, but until we actually get our skill level built up, it’s not gonna happen.

Anyways that’s it for now. Cheers.

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