Chicken Coup – Revamp #3: V1.0

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We have revamped our coup, for a 3rd time. This is version 1.0 of this re-design. We are planning on adding our chicks/pre-teens to this coup and when that happens we will be at 2.0 at which time we will need to add a door behind our brood housing unit.  But until that happens, let me give you a quick tour of our chicken condominium:

Walkup chicken entry:

chicken walk entry

where the chickens can walk up

You may notice our “very expensive” coup flooring.. I am kidding. After a few floor coverings Jamie has found that the cheapest “shiniest” laminate flooring is the way to go. First off its really easy to clean, and really being laminate you don’t have to worry about  soak threw.  Also the walls have been properly white-washed, not just a watered down white paint. But actual white wash (Jamie may need to correct this part) but for a proper white wash you simply mixed de-natured lime with water until you get a pancake batter consistency. Then you just slop it on the walls/wood.

Next on the tour is the auto-mated watering corner, the older birds aren’t keen on this, but the younger ones use the cups. The older use the stand alone waters.

5 gallon and stand-alone waters

watering corner

Next is our Roost Housing unit. This is our newest addition, tore out the old built-ins to make cleaning easier as well as actually having the ability to re-arrange without a headache. It is raised off the ground 6 inches so the younger birds are hide if they are getting picked on by their elders.

roosting box

Our 9 roost box house for our chicken coup

roost housing unit

side view of the roost housing unit

roost housing unit

yet another view of the roost housing unit


egg layer

Looking to lay an egg

We found it easier to create a wall of perches separated from the rest of the coup for cleaning purposes. otherwise, poop and such is everywhere covering and difficult to clean. Since we are cleaning the forest out on the backside of our property we have a ton of small trees and such. So we went rustic:

chicken perch

Where the chickens perch, sleep and chill


That’s really it. I am in the process of creating a large “J-Feeder” from timber/logs we are milling so we can dump a full or 1/2 bag of chicken feed to simplify feeding. But that will be another post. So I will leave you with “our view/entrance” of the coup. The first part of the shed is the incredibly messy garden benches and solar power equipment (will do that in another post as well).

human entrance

how we get into the coup

So that is jist of the new setup. Once we finalize the new area (or dump it for another idea) we will create a new post.

Till then, cheers.

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