Network Cameras – Stay away from SRICAM

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Take my advice and stay away from SRICAM cameras. I have tried old, new, ptz and stationary. Everyone of these cameras has had an issue. The stationary one’s  IR never worked (I had 2 that had this issue).

The PTZ (SP008) not only doesn’t have its own web interface, but also no camera picture control. Which means you cant adjust brightness or contrast. Lastly it constantly drops network and video, which makes it worthless as a security camera. The only way to get the camera to work again is to power it off and on. Which for me, means going into the attic 2x a day. I’m sick of it.

Lastly of the SRICAM family I will be returning is the AP006 model. This is an older one, not HD. It stays connected for the most part, but has one major flaw. If you connect it to your network it floods it and crashes your network. I have tried a few resets to the device, created a separate wireless network just for it, but nothing maters. If its on the network everything else stops working and requires a reboot.


So I will be going back to the drawing board. I have found a few stationary cameras that are 1080p and are the same price as the SRICAMs. Which once I get refunds on I will probably purchase. Luckly I have a week or so before that happens so I can do ALOT of research on any cameras before purchasing. Problem is, what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in the real world.


That’s it for now. Cheers.

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