Solar Power – piecemeal setup

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We have a solar panel on our chicken coup. The plan was to power the veggie garden watering pump and chicken coup accessories with it. Our original purchase was a 100watt solar panel, 10 amp charge controller and a small solar 12volt battery off of ebay (Jamie bought these, so I don’t have the model info right now). We have since added in parallel a spare 12volt lawn mower battery and car battery that came with the house when we bought it. See below the installed solar panel on top of the chicken coup

chicken power

Solar powered chicken coup

You may notice the separate solar powered light for the non-chicken portion of the coup. This has its own tiny panel, light and built in battery.

The main panel connects to our piece-meal battery charger system consists of 1 proper solar battery and 2 found/free batteries:

cheap battery bank

piece-meal battery bak

As you can see (or not, from left to right) that we put together our one proper deep charge battery in parallel with the other two mower and car battery. Then we have a 1500watt current 3000watt max peak inverter connected to the positive of furthest battery and negative of the closest battery. You may notice to the two clips (positive and negative) on the side of the inverter, this is for our weak-powered bilge pump that was suppose to push water from our water barrel to the vegetable garden. Learn from our mistake, and do not buy a bilge pump, it simply does not have enough power to pump water threw hoses, purchase a utility pump instead.  Finally you will notice that we have a plug into our inverter, this powers the 100watt flood light to give our chicks some heat overnight (which does last for 12hrs in our setup).


Quick summary of the components:

1 -100watt panel

3 – batteries

1 – 10amp charge controller

1 – stand alone solar light

1- 1500 concurrent/3000watt peak inverter

1 – flood lamp/light


That’s it for now. Before our next batch of chicks I hope to replace our two funky batteries with proper deep cycle batteries with enough deep cycle batteries for  a combined 400amp+ hours. This will let us run a 1500watt bulb for over 12 hours.

Till later, cheers.

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