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So we run a mix of tech here at HippyNerds.

Here is a general idea with some specs, links and info

Web/External Tech:

  • Hosting is being provided by my boss on our Hyper-V server
  • Our server is a virtual Ubuntu 15 Server
  • We run a mix of software on it which I manage from SSH (completely custom, so no stock options for security reasons)
    • Madsonic: our own Pandora without adds, and allows access to our music from anywhere (check it out: sonos, ldap and support for more) this also supports video and transcoding.
    • Apache: needs no introduction, but just incase: worlds most used webserver software: simply amazing stuff
    • ISPConfig (simplify management): was a process to install and configure (guide I used) but in the end it wasn’t hard, just took some time
    • eMail Server using RoundCube for webaccess –  (guide I used)
    • WordPress for site (clearly, just look around, you will see it) – installed using ISPConfig, applied changes to fix upload problems suggested here
  • Static IPs, Godaddy domain and external DNS

Internal Tech:

  • Synology Virtual Clone
    • Sec. cams
    • VPN
  • Media Management
    • SickBeard – The ultimate PVR application that searches for and manages your TV shows (find, rename, organize tv shows/series)
    • Couchpotato – Awesome PVR for usenet and torrents. Just fill in what you want to see and CouchPotato will add it to your “want to watch”-list (find, rename and sort your movies)
    • Madsonic: yes, we have two. the one in house is so that we aren’t trying to stream over our crap DSL connection
    • Headphones: Automatic music downloader for SABnzbd: keep your music collection updated, organized and tagged
  • Media/Storage: this is a pita because I haven’t bought any tech in ages, and wanted to not spend money
    • Movie/Download Target: This is all running on a HP HomeServer hardware running OpenMediaVault  (this is dying, I will be replacing  by installing 4tb drives and a 2nd raid controller in my home server box)
      • Download Temp – 250gb 7.2k drive
      • Movie Storage – 3x 2TB 7.2k drives, 2x 2TB external usb – software raided total 7.6ish TB of storage
    • TV Show/Music/pictures: Very old BuffaloTech TerraStation Pro hacked running TS-HTGL/R5 F/W 1.35
      • 4x1tb 7.2k drives, raid 5 around 2.7TB storage
    • Security Recordings: Windows Essentials
      • 1 15k 156gb dell sas drive: OS install, software, backed up to 500Gb external
      • 3x10k 300gb dell sas drives raid 5: this is the storage location
  • Networking: a mix of old and very old tech to make things work wired and wireless
    • Cisco WET200: using as a wireless bridge for my walkout basement home office
    • DLink DSL Router/Modem: crappy Verizon model, used for wireless G (non-service items) so phones and laptops use this
    • Linksys E1200 v2: running DD-WRT this is for service items G/N. I have WDS setup for extending to chicken coup and shop
    • NeatGear WG602v3 x2: VERY OLD but work well as extenders using DD-WRT for converting out wired sec cames to wireless while still extending the network to the shop and chicken coup (using external antennas)
    • 3com 24 port gig manged switch: I haven’t don’t anything with this really, just using as a unmanaged switch
    • HP 8 port gig managed switch: same as above, simply using because its gb and is higher end
  • Services: how things get address, talk, go outbound
    • Windows Server 2012r2 Essentials
      • DNS
      • DHCP
      • Home Domain
      • Software Host (see above for links and info)
        • headphones
        • madonic
        • sickbeard
        • couchpotato
      • VM host: Synology Soft Device (currently getting re-setup, was a physical box)
  • Media Viewing/Serving: I have played around with Plex, XBMC/KODI, Synology, MediaPortal, LMCE. But in the end, I always go back to my beloved Kodi (formally known as XBMC
    • Kodi 15 is on my following devices which have a shared database so progress and watch status is the same across all devices
      • Raspberry pi 2b: our main viewing device, connected to our tv through our denon amp
      • Raspberry pi b: with touchscreen skin, this will be my shop media center, its setup, but not in use at the moment
      • Ubuntu 15 desktop: my main laptop
      • Android phone: for on the go viewing
    • Madsonic: this is used for Music streaming, its the best on the go (subsonic app) and web based player imo. I use it on the following:
      • Devices
        • Android phone
        • iPhone 4s
      • Browsers
        • IE
        • FireFox
        • Chrome
  • Home Automation: still unable to find a software solution that I like. So no central management yet
    • Hardware:
      • power controls (outlets, switches) are Insteon
      • IR: iTach2 ir over network: no used yet
  • Security Cameras: a mix of old and off brand new
    • Hardware
      • Avacom HD PT – using as our porch cam for front yard viewing and package delivery
      • Dlink 5300 – using as our goat cam, currently waiting to be put-up
      • Wanscam w Foscom Hack – was our “baby cam” but it being re-purposed to the chicken coup
      • Others (located around the property/outside home)
    • Software: checking out a view now: installed on our home server. Still nothing found that I like as much as the synology security center

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