Meet Albert: Here but now gone

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Albert (Alpine Dairy): Sir Albert was purchased at the same time as Nadeen and was a cool 2 1/2 months old DOB July 2015. He too has horns, but off the start was friendlier then his mother. Our plan is to have Albert get Penelope and Lola Prego.

Sir Albert the young buck

Sir Albert the young buck

Though, we have since sold Albert because we (Jamie, who would be¬†assisting birthing them)¬†were worried about breeding a lager breed malewith a smaller breed female, and he was getting funky with his mom whilst at the same time trying to breast feed. So things started getting a little to creepy…
Jamie sold him to the first caller from a Craigslist add (same day that the add was put up. It was an old farmer who didn’t seem to care about goats just saw it as a good price. When Jamie got back from dropping Albert off she recieved a phone call from a friendly woman excited to meet the cute little guy.We now realize the importance of finding a home for our babies. Hopefully the old farmer just resold him to a good home for a higher prrice.

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