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  Nadeen  (Alpine Dairy): Nadeen was/is 5 years old  (DOB 2001)when we got her. We purchased her with her son Albert. She came with a warning “she’s only this friendly when she has a kid.” So she tends to more aggressive and less friendly then the others. However, after only a few weeks she has gotten better, and we are hoping after some more time she will continue to do so. When she arrive we had only ever really gotten between 1-2oz of milk from her 2-3xs daily. We are now between 4-6oz at a time( locking Albert away at night helped a lot). Fingers crossed we keep that increased production and get up to the quart-1/2 gallon a day. 

 April 2016 update:

Nadeen gives us a little over a pint a day, it looks like this may be all we ever get from her until she kids again. I haven’t seen her go into heat least month so I’m thinking she’s going to kid around July “Mini Alpine” kid is goin to be easy for her. 


Nadine – the bitchy old lady

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