Meet Solider Boy/Stoner Boy : Our newest addition

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Solider Boy/Stoner (Nigerian dwarf):DOB Aug 2015  We bought Stoner (as the neighbors call him due to his face, HAHA) to make sure Penelope and Lola wouldn’t have babies that would require assisted birth. This is because of possible issues due to the physical size difference between Alpine Dairy breeds and Nigerian/ Lamancha

Stoner-Soilder Boy

Our newest addition to the goat herd…

Stoner boy LOVEs people and is always the first to run up for a pet and looking to rub up against your leg… then try to eat your pants. 

Soldier was purchased just above Afton VA but his parents are both from a high end goat farm in Maine. He wasn’t sold with papers because the woman didn’t get pics of his moms udders while she was with milk. We don’t need papers because we are breeding him with our mix goats Lola and Penelope.  I have noticed a local goat farm here selling “mini Alpine” goats aka Alpine mom and Nigerian dad. Which we so happen to have. I’m not trying to encourage him to breed with Nadeen because we mill her twice daily. But if it happens aka if she actually lets him and he figures out how ( she’s three times as tall) so be it. 

Thankfully,  Soldier only acted like a perv when the girls are in heat. I have not seen any ( including Nadeen) in heat in 2 months now. 

Soldier boy came debudded, however, some horn is still growing on both sides :/

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