Our Logging/Milling Chain Saws

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Logging/Milling: Chain Saws

  1. I ordered a TimberPro 20″ 62cc from eBay: $180ish with shipping (manufacture site)
our main chain saw

our main chain saw

I have been using it for about 3 months now. The only issue I seem to have with it is keeping it tuned (and it drinks gas pretty freely). I constantly have to adjust the idle and hi/lo to keep it running smoothly. Otherwise, its been great. It includes the two chains, tool kit and a bag. Really cant complain about it.

2) Ryobi 18′ 46cc RY10519BĀ from HomeDepot: $120-30 (on sale)


our secondary saw

This saw has been alright. I think I need to adjust the carb, as I have always had issues getting threw any hardwoods (really anything other then pine or poplar). So we have it really just for a secondary saw, and for straight cuts when running the mill. it does come with a chain, hard case, and a basic chainsaw wrench.

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