Freakin piggies

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Sure enough after talking about something the universe decides to kick it up in high-gear. During lunch while working on getting the garden ready for the raised beds I noticed some foraged earth in the chicken area (much more then they could do). After closer inspection I could see that the pigs had gotten under the fence between them and the chickens. I threw the logs back on the fence line and went on with my work. Just as I was getting one corner of the garden clean up finished I hear a noise and turned around…

Pigs exploring the chicken area

Pigs exploring the chicken area

they simply bypassed the fence and log, and went on to explore and eat some more

pigs exploring some more

pigs exploring some more

I was easily able to get them back over to their side after getting some cracked corn and yelling “I smell bacon” while lifting the fence. The came running from under the coup to under the fence and started going to town on the corn. With the pigs back where they belonged I went and grabbed the stapler, then went around stapling the fence to the logs to hopefully keep the pigs from going under.


luckily no issues with the pigs and the chickens.

I really hope that this has been happening for a few days and that we simply hadn’t noticed. Because it would explain why they haven’t torn-up the in ground veggie garden area as well as we had hoped.

Hopefully that’s the only animal drama for the day. till later, Cheers.

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