Oh that’s Bunny


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Meet Chris an Cathy! They were dropped off at my old work the day after I got my new Bunny hutch! They were left with a note saying they had coccidia. My friend did a fecal and found some coccidia but not a lot (common with young rabbits specially under stress) She also found a deformed egg that she could not identify. She sent both bunnies home with my sister who still works there with Albon for the coccidia and Panacur for the mystery eggBecause coccidia can be life threatening with young stressed out bunnies I think I’ll get a microscope for the farm. Cathy was HORRIBLE to medicate. She may be pregnant so I’ll take her attitude with a grain of salt. Chris was awesome and just ate it out of the syringe. I tried them for 10 days (after loading dose) and the Panacur I gave at day one and again at 2 weeks. It has been a week or so after treatment so I’ll be checking a fecal when my new microscope get in.

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  1. Jamie Post author

    Soooo I was going to trade Chris in for a bunny that def wasn’t related this weekend. Turns out the lady knew the person that dropped these guys off. She asked me to check to see if he was neutered, sure enough he was! He was young when I got him so we assumed they were just tiny testies still lol nope. She still said she would trade him for a male that is not neutered.


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