Clara had her first liter of kits! AKA baby bunnies are here

So I got Clara from the AEC in Lynchburg. She was hopping around the area and someone brought her in. No one picked her up so I brought her home. She seems a little older but was very interested in my male. I put them together for about a week and a half maybe two weeks and just marked on my calendar when I put them together and 4 weeks later a reminder to start looking for babies. About a week before she was supposed to pop I taped up cardboard on the sides of her cage to give her privacy but I could spy bu lifting. After her babies came I realized the need for an actual box. One of the kits kept wandering outside the nest area and was getting cold. Rabbits don’t bring them back like cats or dogs. So I washed my hands with scentless homemade soap. Then I picked her up and warmed her up and put her in with the others. Clara didn’t seem to mind. I had to do this one more time on the first day. Day two I did a head count in the nest and was only finding 3. Clara seemed to care a little more about me digging around this time. After a while I found 2 snuggled up way in the back. Then I finally noticed the little female over under the food container. I warmed her back up again and put her back. Day 3 I fed Clara to distract her and did a head count all 6 snuggled up. The one female is still a little smaller but she was warm and active so I’m not worried. Female rabbits only nurse twice a day so she may have missed a meal or two.


Oh that’s Bunny


Meet Chris an Cathy! They were dropped off at my old work the day after I got my new Bunny hutch! They were left with a note saying they had coccidia. My friend did a fecal and found some coccidia but not a lot (common with young rabbits specially under stress) She also found a deformed egg that she could not identify. She sent both bunnies home with my sister who still works there with Albon for the coccidia and Panacur for the mystery eggBecause coccidia can be life threatening with young stressed out bunnies I think I’ll get a microscope for the farm. Cathy was HORRIBLE to medicate. She may be pregnant so I’ll take her attitude with a grain of salt. Chris was awesome and just ate it out of the syringe. I tried them for 10 days (after loading dose) and the Panacur I gave at day one and again at 2 weeks. It has been a week or so after treatment so I’ll be checking a fecal when my new microscope get in.

Soldier boy

I forgot to introduce our newest goat! He was born Aug 2015. His parents are both from Maine which was important to me because I didn’t want him to have any ties to the area for breeding reasons. I picked him up near Afton. He was only 4 months old at the time but already showed interest in the girls. He seems to like people more then goats even. As I was driving home with him I noticed he was coughing. It wasn’t from stress of being moved bc it started as soon as I got him in the car. I checked a fecal and he had a lot of lung worm eggs, so I dewormer all of them with Ivermectin. Which worked perfect with my deworming rotation anyway. He still coughs once in a while but it’s not often so I’m jaunt goin to wait until the end of this month to do a fecal and see which dewormer I should use next.


The pigs 

Let me tell you about a story of 3 little pigs. Correction we are down to 2 little pigs. Harley read the original Three Little Pug story


We don’t really know their birthday but they were 35lb when we got them so I’m guessing DOB 11/01/2015 ish Landrace/Hampshire crosses. One is going to butchers for chops bacon sausage ect. The other is going to butcher for a pig roast on our sons 2nd birthday weekend. I don’t really think we need a whole pig for that so maybe we’ll tweak the plans before then.

Harley is now in a 8ft tall 132 324 square foot cage inside an electric fence inside a chain link fence. And the pigs now know that Harley’s barking and wagging tail is not because he was wanting to play with them. Pigs are very smart and love to play. They play with a soccer ball with me and our son. I want to raise happy pigs. I don’t know if happy pigs taste better but I like all of my animals to be happy. It’s the hippie in me 🙂

Repurpose peat pellets

So only half of my herbs an veggies took off this year leaving me w tons of used peat pellets and after saving them for months I finally thought of a use for them.

   I had some small indoor lemon trees that would be getting big and they really don’t like being repotted ( as I learned from last year) so I started them in a big pot this year. And being of frugal mind did not want to waste my $$ soil. At last a use for my used pellets