Here’s Some Wood For Ya’

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Log to lumber

So with the help of our neighbor Ed and his son Brian we where able to bring up one of the last pine logs (only one left). First step is to lob off the sides and turn a round peg square. This left me with a 7 1/4 x 7 1/4 post. From that I […]

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Bandsaw Mill – Harborfreight

Logging/Milling: Band Saw This takes 9minutes off a cut when compared to the Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. So we have processed 10 logs, all smaller. So we haven’t netted much usable timber fyet. But with the help of our neighbor we will bring up the last 10 logs we have down already (they are all to […]

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Alaskan Chainsaw mill

Alaskan Sawmill from Northern Tool : Granberg Chainsaw Mill, Model# G777 for $160 before taxes This is great, works, but IS SLOW. so if you aren’t ready to spend your time, your better off saving the $2000 for a Portable Sawmill from Harbor Freight or eBay 4) Guide Rail for Chainsaw mill (Northern Tool) : we […]

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Chicken Coup – Revamp #3: V1.0

We have revamped our coup, for a 3rd time. This is version 1.0 of this re-design. We are planning on adding our chicks/pre-teens to this coup and when that happens we will be at 2.0 at which time we will need to add a door behind our brood housing unit.  But until that happens, let me […]

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New tool… Finally arrived

We have been waiting on our new sawmill (Harbor-freight) for just over 3 weeks. It’s been a painful wait. Fully assembled. It did take a helpful hand from our great neighbor Ed to lift the actual saw/motor onto the sliders and track. Overall this was an easy setup, but I still need to adjust the […]

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Alaskan Chainsaw – Chains

Well I learned my lesson, a full chisel chain does no better at ripping then a standard chain. so I recommend that you learn from my mistake and order a custom one from Granberg (unless Oregon makes a ripping chain for your saw) . I have a euro-saw so its hard to find anything other […]

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