Garden Re-Vamp is finally underway

After this week last frost should be behind us, so we are getting the garden ready to transplant the seedlings from the crafts room to the outside world.


Last year we tried straw-bail planting. It was semi-successful. But at $4 a bail, limited planting space based on the structure, and then of course the fact the decompose into mush. We decided to do raised beds (soil is terrible down here).

Step one was to start cleaning up the mashed up bails.


There where cardboard boxes under the bails but they apparently decomposed after less then a year. Only problem w cardboard boxes is that if you don’t think of it and remove the tape, your left with tape after everything is decomposed. So as I see it, I pick it out.

Soil and Straw


Next step is to start putting together the raised beds.

 view one

view two

We are making 14″ x2’x18′ (height, width, length) boxes. I took all my practice boards from the sawmill threw on some Thompson waterseal the day before then started building. After the structure was completed and placement done, I took scrap plastic from other projects and lined the inside of the box to help with dirt control and help prevent rot.



Once that was completed I confirmed a second time that placement was OK w the Queen (It is all for her, so I really want to make sure she is happy before committing to a location) and then pitch-forked in the old straw bails. When she is ready to plant we will top it off with compost from last year and soil from bags as needed.


Now its time to start on the next box


This one is going to 18′ (L) x 4′ (w) x 14″ (h).  I still need to put in middle supports across the bottom , another row of boards. I think all boxes I make will need at least one upper support to keep the sides together. If I wasn’t using first cut/learning boards ID have used 3/4″ boards instead of the 1/2″ I have here.

 You may have noticed our messy bags and failed rain barrel. We will share that experience when we upgrade that to version 2.0…  

That’s it for now. Cheers