New Cameras – Foscam FI9803P

So far I am loving the new camera. I went with a more name-brand one, spent more then the cheap stationary cameras, but I can definitely tell the difference between this and the el-cheapo.

Foscam FI9803P

For starters, it performs like the $300+ cameras I use to install for business (Axis, great cameras) but at a fraction of the cost. I got these between $40-75 with shipping. Since we already have three PTZ cameras we figured why waste the money, and got a few stationary cameras to cover the rest of the spots we want to monitor.

Foscam FI9803 Snapshot

Above is part of the recording screen.The camera isn’t where it will stay. I have learned from replacing 4 crappy camera. And  put it up to test and confirm that the cameras will actually work before climbing up the ladder.

I will end noting that these things are impressive for the money. Incredibly smooth playback, great quality image, very nice color correction and still has a nice nighttime shot. They connected without any issue to my Blue Iris setup, as well as my phone and computer browser.


That’s it for now. Till later, Cheers.

Quick Cam Quality – Rear fence camera

Here is a sample of the SRICAM SP008 I added last week, hate the interface, true admin seems to only be done threw the phone/mobile app, only web-access is through the Sricam website. I was able to get the camera to connected with the sricam software, which lets me move and zoom the camera without having to use my phone.

fence monitoring

sample quality from one of the rear cams


So overall its a bland camera with crappy access features, unless you only use your phone and want to record to an internal memory card… It doesn’t appear that either iSpy or Blue Iris works with this camera very well. I am testing iSpy tonight to see if I can get the PTZ to work from the software.

till later. cheers.

New Camera : not that impressed

So the first of the new cameras SRICAM SP008 arrived, I had enough time to get it on the wireless and up on the house (power threw the attic, actually very easy… ) However even though I have tried the brand before without good luck (returned two cameras because neither had functioning IR) I figured I would try again. Now don’t feel I should have. Partly because they aren’t really supported by Blue Iris (not ptz control) and second, it was just a little too cheap in relation to other ptz cameras.


The other part of this camera which I didn’t even think to check out was its web interface… It’s non-existent (though I haven’t downloaded the manual yet, doesn’t work on port 80). Nor was I able to use the PC software (after having to find it on their website) to view or control the camera, it would find it but that was it. It’s only saving quality outside for very decent day time quality is the Android app, it’s really slick. From it you can:
– configure password
– control recording options
– control alerts
– perform device updates
– view video
– view recordings

the downside is that in order to use the app, you have to configure an account through SRICAM, and you seem to always have to login through that, so not something I will be utilizing all that often.

Being the first night I still have tweaks to do (image settings, preset locations for example). The IR strength is impressive, we have the camera placed about 25-30 feet off the ground and it’s aimed down the yard and it is actually a little to focused. Hopefully I will be able to adjust that IR output strength, doubtful but I can hope and look.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll toss up some screenshots sometime to show image quality. Which really is the only decent thing about the camera.

Cheers for now.